woman teachers And Sexual Misconduct Addressed In world most suitable Play

Playwright Linda Felton Steinbaum turned into so intrigued with the push of woman instructors charged with sexual misconduct against their male students that she became moved to write a play, Mustang Sally, addressing the manifold problems and inequities of the fashion. The instances are nearly too severa to list,” says Linda. “what is even extra sudden is how younger loads of the sufferers are. most of us expect that if a lady trainer ‘falls’ for an underage boy, he ought to be very mature and near adulthood. now not so. pretty, the majority of these teens are still gangly, awkward youngsters.”right here are some of the cases that stuck the playwright’s eye – all are instructors; Lakina Stutts, age forty with a 14 yr antique scholar, Deana Bobo 37, intercourse with 14 year old, Mary Kay Letourneau became 34 when she had sex with a 12 12 months vintage, Bethany Sherrill 24 with 14 yr antique, Kelly Lynn Dalecki 28 with 13 yr antique boy, Sherry Brians forty one– with a 12 yr old, Pamela Turner 27 — 13 yr vintage boy, Susan Eble 35 — 14 12 months antique, Tara Lynn Crisp 29 — 14 12 months antique Laura Lynn Findlay, Carol Flannigan 50 — eleven 12 months vintage former student, Moan Marie Sladky, and permit’s now not forget about notorious Debra LaFave, the 25 yr old blond bombshell trainer of Tampa, FLA, who pleaded guilty to having intercourse with a 14 yr antique boy. The listing is going on and on.Forensic psychologist Louis B. Schlesinger at the loo Jay college of criminal Justice in new york, is quoted in a Fox information story, “Older girls involved with underage men is nothing new. this is been taking place many, many, a few years. the general view is that it is a right of passage… the guy is lucky. a few grownup women and men are attracted to teens,” said Schlesinger. “those are teachers with boundary troubles. Their boundaries are very fluid.” (article written via Catherine Donalson-Evans, posted 12 Feb, 2005)”still, it is a criminal offense if the boy is underage,” says Linda, “even if the intercourse is consensual.” She goes on to mention that those boys are regularly stressed with the aid of messages they see in movies, tv and the media. And the repetitive tacit message is that this – if they may be supplied sex, particularly from an authority parent, they must submit, whether they need it or no longer, to comply and additionally show their masculinity. Many young boys can be physically geared up but no longer emotionally geared up for an intimate sexual dating.””I researched this subject matter exhaustively,” says Linda, “and have achieved my best to provide a normal case of woman instructors worried with sexual misconduct (statutory rape) with male minors inside the play. The psychological time period for the situation is ‘hebophilia’, that is sexual enchantment to youth, or postpubescent minors. it’s occurring more frequently than you may think, and it disturbs me that this may be lightly laughed off by means of society. We want to protect our sons in addition to our daughters. What message are we sending other lady instructors who may locate themselves ‘attracted’ to their younger male college students whilst men convicted of statutory rape are sentenced to 10 or more years in jail at the same time as women offenders normally get probation or house arrest?”As Matthew Felling, media director of the center for Media and Public Affairs said, ‘the main dichotomy is in insurance – guys are demonized, women are recognized. guys are beasts, but ladies are afflicted, or mentally sick.”The play, Mustang Sally, has attracted pinnacle theatrical director Arturo Castillo to helm the undertaking. Arturo has directed suggests in lots of massive fairness venues including the countrywide Theatre in London. As manufacturer, i can say we’re very excited to have a director of Arturo’s quality committed to this production. i’ve labored with Arturo before and, like me, he most effective commits to massive works that spotlight fact or disclose a actual need in society. for info, go to mustangsallytheplay.com or myspace.com/mustangsallytheplay.

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